Rip Rap

Rip Rap

Is a group of solid rocks extracted from rock quarries and are usually the result of sedimentary layers, granite, or carbonite (limestone) and thickness ranging between (10-30) cm and used as buckets and shields for sand dunes, valleys and bridges, to prevent The erosion of the slopes and the drifts due to the loose soil (mud and sand), as used as facades of buildings and decoration, where these rocks are stacked and arranged overlapping with some Horizontally and adored small rocks with the large, Then the Spaces of the stones are filled with cement

  • Services

  • Constructions
  • Micropiles
  • Rock Bolts
  • Self Drilling Anchor
  • Reinforcement of Tunnels Facades And Entrances
  • Shotcrete
  • Road Constructions, Bridges and tunnels
  • cutting rocks by blasting
  • infra works
  • Elictrical & Air condition works
  • wire mesh & shotcrete
  • Soil Grouting
  • Excavation support
  • Epoxy
  • rock bolts
  • (Roll Gabion)
  • Excavation Reinforcement
  • Concrete Cutting.
  • box Gabion
  • Safety wire – secure wire – protection wiremesh
  • Rip Rap

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