Slope Shotcrete Suitable Hexagonal Wire Mesh Netting

Slope Shotcrete Suitable Hexagonal Wire Mesh Netting

Slope Shotcrete Suitable Hexagonal Wire Mesh Netting

Generally, for rocks loose slopes, common rockfall barrier will work. For surficially eroded slopes, the most effective method is slope vegetation, however, it certainly will cost a lot. A much more effective and economical measure for eroded slope surface is shotcrete. Concrete may help mass rocks support itself, reinforced wire mesh provides it with additional support to avoid slipping and failure. Therefore, direct shotcrete is allowed for common slope, but for higher degree of soil loss and steep slope, a wire mesh reinforced shotcrete becomes especially necessary.

Shotcrete is applied pneumatically, therefore the concrete material is extremely compacted against the surface to fill cracks and fissures and prevent loss soil and rocks from falling off. Therefore, shotcrete acts both as protective coating over the slope surface, but also as an anchoring surface onto which bolts, nails, anchors, hexagonal wire mesh netting could be fastened together. What's more, compared with slope vegetation, this wire mesh reinforced shotcrete will only take weeks or months to complete.

This shotcrete is a process of spraying concrete through hose at high velocity onto the surface. The shotcrete is popular in industry construction: retaining wall, underground tunneling... So, it also suits for slope to help it to achieve a high strength and support its stability. Slopes besides highways, railways, dams and embankment with steep slope, mass rocks, all could take this treatment.

Specification for slope shotcrete suitable hexagonal wire mesh netting:

  • Material: 2-4 mm galvanized wire.
  • Zinc coated rate: more than 10 g/mm2.
  • Wire mesh opening size (mm): 60 × 80, 80 × 120, 80 × 110, 100 × 120.
  • Strength of extension: 308 N/mm2.

Except for hexagonal wire mesh, our company also provide other slope shotcrete suitable wire mesh: chain link wire mesh netting and welded wire mesh netting.

Specification for slope shotcrete suitable chain link wire mesh and welded wire mesh netting:

  • Wire diameter: 0.7 mm, 1 mm, 2 mm and 2.2 mm are the most popular choice, 3-4 mm are also available.
  • Mesh opening size (mm): 1 × 1 cm, 2 × 2 cm, 2.5 × 2.5 cm, 4 × 4 cm, 5 × 5 cm, 6 × 6 cm, 7 × 7 cm, 8 × 8 cm, 10 × 10 cm, 12 × 12 cm.


  • Hexagonal wire mesh netting could help concrete to adhere to any surface: dirt, soil, rocks.
  • Hexagonal wire mesh netting provides immediate slope reinforcement, stabilize an over steepened slope.
  • Hexagonal wire mesh is light weighted, therefore if is convenient for construction in environmentally hard circumstance.

Hexagonal wire mesh reinforced shotcrete treatment for slope stabilization should follow the following sequence:

  • Slope surface cleaning: Existed vegetation, loose rocks and other deleterious non-inorganic matters should all be trimmed, which will ensure a smooth surface that suitable for hexagonal wire mesh to hang onto as closely as possible and for concrete to sprayed onto.
  • First time concrete spray by hose should form a 4-5 cm thickness concrete layer, then concrete maintenance should be not be neglected.
  • Install hexagonal wire mesh netting (it could combine with welded wire mesh for a enhanced effect.)
  • Second time concrete spray. A total concrete thickness should be 10 cm, but it depends.

Note: To achieve a solid two layer structure, you could arbitrarily select two types of netting among hexagonal wire mesh, welded wire mesh and chain link wire mesh, or you could choose only one type of netting, and then overlap them or it to realize a double effect.

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