Reinforcing mountains and protecting slopes

Reinforcing mountains and protecting slopes

SAC offers both active solutions to address slope stabilization and to mitigate damage due to slope failures.

We provide planners and builders with designs and materials to implement, repair, protect or rehabilitate natural soil slopes and built slopes that are vulnerable to natural risks. Earthen slopes are often exposed to naturally aggressive environments and circumstances, such as underlying soil instability, heavy rainfall, that can compromise the stability of the earth mass. When left unchecked and not properly corrected, landslides and slope failures can be disastrous and cause severe damage.

Our engineered measures for corrective, precautionary and emergency stabilization address existing soil conditions as well as unforeseen natural occurrences and risks. We answer by developing infrastructure solutions for areas susceptible to typical slope failures as well as natural hazards, including rockfall, landslides and debris flow. Our technical teams will propose active solutions.

SAC solutions are designed to stabilize both existing and proposed conditions to support structures and the surrounding terrain. These solutions control and limit the damage caused by unpredictable natural hazards.

In many cases, a combination of both active and passive protective solutions are recommended for high-risk locations. For example, we propose hybrid solutions comprising anchored mesh drapery, mesh fencing in combination.

Active solutions:

  • Soil Nails and Ground Anchors
    • Rock Bolt
    • Self Drilling
    • Grout Injection
    • Micro piles
  • Anchored steel wire mesh netting and drapery
  • Steel wire mesh barriers.
    • Hinged anchored barriers and fences
    • Fixed anchored barriers and fences


Over the past 20 years, SAC has attained a high level of experience in designing engineered solutions for stabilizing slopes and preventing slope failures. Many of our solutions can be designed, furnished and installed within rapid reaction time by our teams in the event of imminent danger, or for short-term requirements such as rock blasting or scaling activity.

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  • Elictrical & Air condition works
  • Reinforcing Mountains And Sopes
  • Micropiles
  • Rock Bolts
  • Self Drilling Anchor
  • Reinforcement of Tunnels Facades And Entrances
  • Shotcrete
  • Road Constructions, Bridges and tunnels
  • cutting rocks by blasting
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  • Soil Grouting
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  • Epoxy
  • rock bolts
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  • box Gabion
  • Safety wire – secure wire – protection wiremesh
  • Rip Rap

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